Advantages Of Double Masking


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Double masking is when you wear one mask on top of another. It gives you more protection and helps improve the fit and filtrations of your mask. There are a variety of different options in the market to choose from. These can include, cloth masks, surgical masks, KN95 masks. Ideally when you are double masking, you should wear a cloth mask over a surgical mask. Try to stick to this and avoid any other mask combinations as it may render useless.

It’s also a good idea to test your double mask at home first and make sure it fits well and does not affect your breathing and vision. Always remember that in addition to wearing a mask, it is important to practice other preventative methods as well. You must continue hand washing and physical distancing in order to prevent the virus.

It is best to evaluate the situation when double masking. If it is possible to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others outside your house, a single mask can give good protection and must be considered. However, a double mask is beneficial when you are going shopping, visiting the doctor, traveling with others outside your household, taking public transportation, working a job where you cannot maintain physical distancing.

Advantages of double masking

Better fit
Most masks available in the market may not fit perfectly on your face. Each individual have a different face shape and all masks are made in a uniform way. In fact, if you notice carefully, you will feel air escaping through the sides of your mask. This imperfect seal not only allows respiratory droplets containing the virus to escape your mask, but it can also allow them in. Double masking can help to better prevent this from happening.

The elastic loops sometime fail to hold the mask in place which gets better when you double up the mask. When you’re wearing two masks, the outer mask can apply gentle pressure so the inner mask fits more closely against your skin and creates a better seal.

Increased filtration
By now it is a known fact that coronavirus is mainly spread through respiratory droplets from someone who’s already contracted the virus. It may pass on while talking, coughing or sneezing. The material in a mask filters respiratory droplets containing the virus before you can inhale them, which is why it is advised to always wear a three layered mask.

The more the layers of a mask, the more its filtration power and adding a second mask can further enhance its effectiveness.You can also choose a mask with a nose wire which ensures that your mask sits well in place. It can also prevent your glasses from fogging up, which blocks your vision. Try the knot and tuck method to improve the fit of masks.


While it is necessary to wear a mask at all times, you must pay extra attention to wearing the mask in the right way. A mask that doesn’t completely cover your nose and mouth, is either too tight or too loose, has a single layer of fabric or has an exhalation vent attached is practically of no use. Do not remove the mask while speaking, do not re-use single use masks, change mask frequently and sanitise hands at regular intervals. Double mask to combat the double mutant coronavirus and do not neglect other safety guidelines.

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