5 Commandments from the Health Handbook for the Inert

Lifestyle and health tips

Tomorrow—a word that evokes optimism. Maybe it does scream optimism, but also offers false hope. The hope that you will take that gym membership and tread on a new path; the hope that you’re going to slip into your running gear and head out; the hope that your 2.0 version is already in the making. Have these come to fruition?Either the gym membership is too expensive or the weather's just too bad for a zip. You’re already bent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle but you need to start somewhere. Here are 5 tips, moulded for the procrastinator, to get a solid and easy start on health and fitness.

Thou Shall Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food

What are healthy things to eat? Definitely not food items from a restaurant that’s full of fat, sugar, salt, and carbs. But you don’t really have a choice when you come back from work all hungry and tired. Or do you?You can cook! Prepare meals in large batches and freeze them so that you have enough when you come home for dinner, or for the coming week. Shopping for food items can also be a problem. You can end up spending hours at the supermarket without having a clue of what you need to buy. Here’s a tip: why not read labels of the items you pick off the shelves? They contain all the nutritional facts which can help you pick the right food according to your dietary needs.

Thou Shall Watch TV and Follow an Exercise Program

The benefits of daily exercise are known to all: weight loss, stamina, power…. But did you know that fooling around when you sit can burn as much as 350 calories?You don’t want to miss your favourite TV show—understandable; don’t. But do burn some calories when there is a promotional advert playing. Jog in front of the screen, do a few chair dips or squats when your eyes are glued to the TV. Or better yet, get a Nintendo Wii.

Thou Shall Grind Every Morsel of Healthy Meals

What is a healthy diet? Well, it’s balanced sustenance rich in vitamins and minerals. A diet loses its healthy tag when you overeat. To avoid this, take a spoonful of every meal and chew it thoroughly. Take as much time as possible because your digestive system gains an advantage when you slow down.Not only do you get to enjoy every flavour when you munch mindfully, but also put an end to overeating. The science behind eating and digestion is simple. Your body takes as much as 20 minutes to understand that you’re full. By chewing, say around 30 times, you extend the intake time. Also, the nutrients are quickly absorbed when you break down food completely and swallow.

Thou Shall Adopt a Pet to Stay Healthy & Fit

There is so much you can do to improve physical fitness and health. Studies have shown that getting a pet home can bring down stress levels, blood pressure, and improve mental health.Taking your pet out for a walk also has physical benefits, as you’re out in the open, amidst fresh air scurrying around with your furry pal.

Thou Shall Do the Cha-Cha for Physical Fitness and Health

Dance and health are interrelated. Not everyone enjoys pumping iron in the gym or chasing a ball on the pitch for 90 minutes. Some like a little more spice. For instance, dance exercise routine.It’s not so much an exercise routine, but more a few slick moves on the dancefloor. You can burn a lot of calories and tone your body in a single session. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Book your Corporate Sponsored Health Check' link='https://portal.medibuddy.in/Home.aspx?utm_source=blog_cta_ahc_gami&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=blog_cta_ahcgami' link_target='' color='blue' custom_bg='#f00' custom_font='#ffffff' size='large' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello']Has your doctor prescribed a liver function test recently? Check out
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