A guide to taking care of coloured hair


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If you got your tresses coloured at the salon recently, then you can maintain your coloured hair at home without spending a lot of money. Colouring your hair means exposing them to harsh chemicals that cause dryness, damage, and breakage. Here's a few things to follow for people with coloured hair.

Wash your freshly colored hair after 3 days

Washing your hair immediately after coloring can easily wash off the colour. The chemical processing during hair coloring makes your hair more prone to damage. It is advised to wait 3 days and then wash your hair.

Use a colour protectant shampoo

The type of shampoo you use can protect your hair colour. A specially formulated shampoo for colour-treated hair helps maintain the natural pH of your hair. The colour does not fade quickly when you use the right shampoo and it keeps your hair nourished. Avoid using shampoos with  sulfates and alcohols as they strip off  moisture and colour from your hair.

Shampoo your colour treated hair less frequently

Washing your colored hair often will cause the colour to fade. Frequent washing also strips your hair of its natural oils. You can use dry shampoo instead.

Condition your colored hair

Every time you shampoo your colored-treated hair, you must use a conditioner. It helps form a protective barrier on the hair strands and locks in moisture which adds shine, volume, and luster to your hair.

Damp air is bad for colour treated hair.

Avoid long showers, use anti-humidity serums, because damp air causes hair colour to fade.

Avoid high temperatures

Try to opt for cool or lukewarm showers as hot water can damage and fade colour-treated hair. Heat styling tools are best avoided. You can use a thermal protectant hair serum or spray whenever you have to style your hair.

Use hair masks

You can use store-bought protein treatments or DIY hair masks. It smoothes your hair. Thus, regular use of this hair pack may help repair protein damage and restore the health of your hair.

Hot oil treatment is good for colour-treated hair

Hot oil treatments are simple to do at home and very useful for color-treated hair.  Oils seal in moisture and form a protective layer over your hair to prevent sun and heat damage. You can also use homemade hair packs regularly to improve the health of your hair.

Supplements for color-treated hair

Vitamins and biotin supplements are great for keeping color-treated hair intact. Vitamin C regulates blood circulation in the scalp healthy and biotin strengthens hair and improves its texture.

Trimming your hair regularly is a good way to prevent damage after coloring. This will also help prevent split ends and breakage. A healthy diet is the key to good hair. Eat foods that are rich in iron and protein.