A Guide To Building Healthy Parent-Child Relationships


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Being a parent is not just about taking care of your children and providing for their needs till they are capable enough to stand on their own feet but it is about making sure that you stand by their side every step of the way by establishing a positive and healthy relationship. Since a child’s first relationship is with his parents, it sets the foundation stone for the relationships that he will encounter later in his life.

From building a safe and healthy environment for your child to guiding him through tough times, your job as a parent never ends. In fact, it becomes more and more difficult as your child goes through the various phases of life.

That being said, there are some fundamental rules that every parent should know and follow in order to build and maintain a healthy parent-child relationship. Read on to find out:

Strike a conversation with your child: The more you talk to your child, the better you’ll be able to understand his thought process and help him understand your thoughts and ideologies better. Remember, listening is an equally important part of talking.

Appreciate him at every step: Appreciation never fails to bring a smile on a person’s face and the same holds true for your child. Encourage his thoughts, ideas, imagination and praise his efforts at implementing things. Knowing that his parent has his back will serve as the biggest source of motivation for him.

Find the balance between friendship and authority: The one thing that teenagers don’t like is interference in their decisions and ways. It just that age where a person tends to have that ‘know-it-all’ attitude. In such circumstances, it is very important for parents to approach their child as a friend i.e. giving him his own space while simultaneously, correcting their wrongdoings.

Get to know his friend circle: Friends are 'family away from home' and have a very heavy influence on a person. That’s why it is vital that you know his friends well to ensure that even when not in your sight, your child is safe, happy and not indulging in any negative activities.

Emphasize on the importance of family time: Small things like eating meals together, watching a movie together, spending quality time on the weekends, etc go a very long way when it comes to building a healthy relationship with your child. In addition to that, spending time with the family allows the child and the parents to learn with each other and grow as individuals and as a unit.

Set an example: Very sub-consciously, your child tends to imitate your actions and behaviors. Therefore, as a parent, you need to always be in the pursuit of becoming a better person because only then will you be able to set the best example for your child.

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