8 ways in which black coffee is a great choice for boosting your health


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1. Metabolism Booster
Black coffee boosts the metabolism of your body by 11%. Caffeine has been proven to help in burning fat from the body. The increased metabolism helps digest food faster.

Coffee also helps control your weight as the increased metabolism also suppresses your hunger and keeps you more active throughout the day. Compliment your regular intake of black coffee with an exercise regime to see great results for weight loss.

2. Great diuretic
A diuretic increases the amount of urine flushed out by the body. Black coffee is a great diuretic and it helps keep your system cleansed. A lot of harmful bacteria and substances are flushed out of the body through frequent urination. People who drink black coffee are less prone to illnesses since their systems are always properly flushed.

3. Can help lower the risk of diabetes
It has been observed that the consumption of black coffee can help lower the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. Coffee helps the levels of glucose in the body as it contains chlorogenic acid. If consumed after a meal, black coffee can help lower the levels of glucose production in the body by the virtue of acid. Coffee also helps in increasing the production of insulin in the body, to help control blood glucose levels. A cup of black coffee daily can reduce the chances of contracting diabetes by 7% compared to those who do not drink coffee.

4. Source of nutrients
Caffeine is not the only component in coffee that makes it worth drinking. Coffee is a very rich source of antioxidants for your body. It also contains nutrients like Vitamin B3, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Potassium, Magnesium and Manganese. The body absorbs more of these nutrients from coffee than from fruits or vegetables.

5. Can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases
Keep your heart healthy with a cup of black coffee every day. Caffeine increases the heart rate and keeps the heart-healthy. A study showed that regular coffee drinkers had a 20% lesser risk of a heart stroke when compared to their non-coffee drinker counterparts.

6. Keeps your mind happier
The smell of coffee itself is enough to please our senses and a sip of coffee can feel refreshing after a long day of work or at the beginning of the day. It is not just the taste or smell of coffee that helps destress you, rather caffeine stimulates the nervous system and relaxes it.

Caffeine increases the levels of dopamine in the brain which is responsible for triggering the feeling of happiness in our minds. A regular cup of black coffee can help you beat the Monday blues.

7. Keeps your liver healthy
Drinking black coffee has been linked to the improvement of your liver health. The chance of developing liver cirrhosis or liver cancer reduces with the daily consumption of black coffee.

8. Reduces the chance for developing Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia
The consumption of coffee every day has been observed to be beneficial for memory as it has effects on the neurotransmitters of the brain.

You can vitalise your memory over time with the consumption of black coffee. A  study showed that people who drink coffee regularly have a 65% lesser chance of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

How to prepare black coffee?

Typically a cup of black coffee is a mixture of hot water and a tablespoon of coffee. The absence of sugar and milk gives it the name black coffee. Black coffee is high in caffeine and takes time to get used to due to a bitter taste. Black coffee is a favourite among coffee connoisseurs.

Potentially harmful effects of black coffee

Consumption of an excessive amount of coffee has been linked to a number of harmful effects on the body. Since coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, the number of cups in a day should be limited.

Overconsumption of black coffee can lead to the following harmful effects:

  1. Insomnia (coffee vitalises the brain and stops it from falling asleep)
  2. Irregular sleep schedule due to the difficulty of falling asleep on time.
  3. Anxiety
  4. Stress
  5. Hyperacidity from excessive caffeine in the body
  6. Excess amounts of coffee make it difficult for the body to absorb minerals from the regular food in your diet.

A cup of coffee has immense benefits for your health. Take care to limit the consumption of coffee in a day as it can lead to more harm than good. Always try to consume your last cup of coffee at least six hours before your bedtime. It is best to consume your coffee after breakfast for good metabolic activity throughout the day.