8 Ways Coconut Oil Benefits Us


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We've watched the coconut come to popularity in both our kitchens and bathrooms products, whether it's drinking coconut water, using coconut oil as a moisturizer, or adding a teaspoon to bakes.

Coconut oil is an edible oil made from the meat of mature coconuts obtained from the coconut palm tree. Virgin coconut oil is said to be of greater quality than refined coconut oil, as it contains more antioxidant polyphenols and nutrients such as vitamin E.

Let’s look at a few ways coconut oil benefits our health.

Improves skin health

Coconut oil's lipids, oils, and vitamin E help hydrate skin cells, minimizing dryness and replenishing cell membranes to improve skin texture and tone and prevent dullness and sagging. Furthermore, coconut oil has been shown to be useful in treating inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis by strengthening skin barrier function, limiting excessive water loss, and reducing the irritating effects of allergens and infectious agents.

Improves hair health

Coconut oil's lauric acid appears to have a strong affinity for hair protein and is able to permeate inside the hair shaft due to the oil's structure. As a result, coconut oil and treatments produced from it may be beneficial in preventing hair damage caused by protein loss from grooming and UV exposure. More research is needed, however, to establish this effect.

Promotes brain health

Coconut oil's medium-chain triglycerides have been linked to lowering the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other age-related cognitive losses by supplying the brain with an alternate fuel source in the form of ketones versus glucose. Coconut oil has even been proven to help those with epilepsy, lower their seizure frequency.

Fights cellular damage and infections

Tocopherols, tocotrienols, flavonoids, and polyphenols are all abundant in coconut. Antioxidants are plant-based chemicals that provide health advantages by neutralizing damaging free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause premature cell death, cellular aging, inflammation, and cancer by causing oxidative damage in the body, potentially changing DNA and turning on or off genes. Antioxidant-rich diets can protect against cellular damage as well as the risk of inflammatory disorders and cancer.

Improves oral health

Swishing with coconut oil (also known as oil pulling) has been shown to eliminate bad breath, destroy pathogenic species, and enhance oral health and hygiene in the same manner that antiseptic mouthwashes do. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which can help prevent plaque development, gum irritation, and cavities.

Possesses antibacterial properties

By preferentially destroying dangerous pathogenic bacteria and fungi while maintaining desired species, coconut oil can help your immune system and the healthy bacteria in your gut and mouth. For example, the antimicrobial and antibacterial activities of lauric acid in coconut oil have been demonstrated to be effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus mutans, Escherichia coli, and Helicobacter pylori, among other microbes.

Improves metabolism

Coconut oil is high in medium-chain triglycerides, which have been proven to assist in mobilizing fatty acids for energy synthesis and enhance metabolic rate. Studies on the effects of supplementing with medium-chain triglycerides have shown that these saturated fats can help people lose weight.

Boosts energy

Medium-chain triglycerides make up about 65 percent of the fat in coconut oil. These fatty acids, unlike other fats, are quickly digested and absorbed, delivering a burst of energy. Medium-chain triglycerides have been proven in studies to be just as effective at fast fueling working muscles and promoting energy generation as carbs, which are typically thought to be the preferred fuel for working muscles.

Coconut oil is heavy in saturated fat, however unlike animal sources of saturated fat, there is a large body of evidence showing that this plant-based saturated fat has a number of health benefits. As a result, coconut oil has gained superfood status in many health and wellness circles, and it is utilised as a healthy and tasty fat in both sweet and savory vegan and paleo foods, as well as eaten straight off the spoon by many people seeking to reap its health advantages.