7 Ways to Bond With Your Baby


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Nothing compares to the joy of holding your newborn baby in your arms for the first time. All you want is to love your little bundle of joy and adore all the little things that he does. Your heart never fails to burst out with joy every time your baby smirks a little or moves his little fingers. At such a pivotal point in your relationship, everything little thing that you do paves the way for a stronger physical and emotional bond with your newborn baby and this time period is something that you just can’t let slip away.

Every little gesture will work wonders in strengthening your bond with your baby and there are some things that are a must. Here’s a list of things that will help you develop a strong bond with your baby:

Be your newborn’s best friend: Your newborn baby is like a new kid in the city and he could definitely use a best friend. Be that person. Spend as much time as you possibly can with your baby and maximize the skin-to-skin and eye-to-eye contact. Be there to hold him every time he sheds a tear and talk to him as much as you can. He will not be able to appreciate the gesture for now but in the long run, you will be the person he turns to every time he needs a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.

Sleep in the same room: Your newborn baby will need help with every little thing and sleeping in the same room as your baby will make the job much easier. It is convenient to adhere to the baby’s needs; the baby feels safe and you can easily monitor your baby. In addition to that, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that, “sharing a room could cut babies’ chance of dying in their sleep by “up to 50 percent.” The downside? You might be sleep-deprived but trust me, it’s worth it.

Give her all your attention: Give her all your attention when she needs it and give her some more of it when she does not need it. By paying attention to her in her resting moments, you’ll be able to understand her expressions, hand movements, likes and dislikes better and over a period of time, you’ll be a pro at deciphering her secret messages. On a good day, you might just find her casually laughing and moving to your favorite song playing in the back and Oh! What a feeling that is!

Know that his crying has a message: Babies cry a lot and there’s nothing one can do about it. It is their way of communicating. Every time your baby cries, he is trying to tell you something. Over time, you will begin to understand the reason behind his crying (could be hunger or an itch on his back) and provide a solution for the same and in turn, he will begin to trust you and your touch more and more with every passing day.

Wear your baby: Nothing can possibly compare to always having your baby in your arms and wearing your baby ensures exactly that. It eases up your day and at the same time allows to baby to enjoy a physical connection with the parent. The physical closeness releases oxytocin in the body resulting in a more intimate parental bond. It also strengthens the bond between the parent and the baby as they spend most of the day together. Also, the baby gets to witness the world from the parent’s viewpoint which exposes the baby to similar faces and places as the parent.

Play with him everyday: Playing with your baby is one of the best ways to encourage development and bonding. Playing could range from rocking him in his cradle to talking and singing songs to him. The more your child sees you, the more trustworthy you’re in his eyes. According to Johnnie P. Frazier, MD, a clinical professor of Pediatrics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, “The activities usually focus on visual stimulation, stimulation of hearing, touch, and sucking to sharpen the senses.”

Spend time with your partner: A child is heavily influenced by the bond his parents share. The stronger your bond is with your partner, the more it will reflect in your relationship and eventually, it will positively impact the environment that your baby grows up in. Spend time together as a family and divide the chores equally so that the baby gets a fair share of both the mother and the father.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and spend time with your baby. Kiss him, squish him, cuddle with him, laugh with him. Make every moment count!

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