6 health tips to fight weather change


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As the winter mist gives way to the summer winds to take center stage, the ailments of both the seasons seem to coalesce upon us. With major climatic changes taking place, it is important to ensure that your body is strong enough to face them. These developments can affect the body’s regulation and decrease the efficiency of your immune system. It is important to remember that our body does not ask for big changes to keep itself healthy.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting sick when the weather changes approach.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is among the most important ways to maintain your health. Ample water in our body benefits us in ways such as temperature regulation, prevention of infection, and the delivery of nutrients to the cells. Water also helps keep our joints well lubricated and keeps our organs functioning properly. From improving our mood and cognitive functions to helping our body flush out toxins, there are a lot of ways water benefits us. This is why it is important to stay amply hydrated.

Make a check up appointment

It is better to take precautions rather than getting sick. Season change brings about a number of ailments, including the flu. It is suggested to get a check up done and also get vaccinated for the flu. This reduces your chances of getting sick with the flu and of spreading it to those around you.

Include nutrients in your diet

Consuming a nutritious and balanced diet during season change helps our body boost its immunity. A nutritious diet will contain a lot of antioxidants which are our body’s main immunity boosters. Vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta carotene can also be found in fruits and vegetables. These food items should ideally be paired with some form of carbohydrates and proteins to achieve a balanced diet. Load up on freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, and nut oils to help nourish your body internally.

Stay active

Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for the upkeep of your body. A daily workout helps eliminate winter bugs, keeps your body warm, and keeps you in great shape. Research shows that people who do mild exercise regularly proved to be more capable of fighting off upper respiratory illnesses.

Stay well-rested

Though it is important to keep your body active, it is equally important to not overstrain it. If you are not waking up feeling reenergized and refreshed, you might not be getting quality sleep. Sleep allows the body to repair and rest itself. There are also certain important hormones, like melatonin, that are associated with the body’s sleep cycle, and are only secreted when you are asleep.

Dress accordingly

As the weather changes, our body becomes more at risk of catching illnesses. This can happen due to the body being used to a different type of climatic condition and suddenly having to face the opposite weather. The body’s regulation mechanisms can be caught unaware which might trigger changes in the temperature. This causes a toll on the immune system and the body. To avoid this, it is important to dress for the weather. Make sure you are the right amount of warm before stepping out of your house and add and subtract layers as needed.

Taking care of our body does not require extremely large efforts. A consistent and daily routine works much better to keep our body fit and fine. It is important to listen to and understand your body. The changes one needs to make are little, but they go a long way. It’s all about taking the first step.