5 Ways To Stay Fit During The Lockdown


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Are lockdowns getting you down? If you live in an area where lockdowns are not
subsiding, you might experience frustration and demotivation. And while we all are
aware that a lockdown is what is best for the protection and safety of everyone, it may be hard to get through it. Understand that it is perfectly normal to get frustrated or disheartened. It is not surprising that many people have put physical fitness lower on their list of priorities during Covid-19 lockdowns. But the fact that your favourite gym or park is closed shouldn’t stop you from getting some exercise done while you’re home.

Apart from helping you stay physically healthy, home exercises and routines also help you stay mentally fit. Daily routines can help you have some sense of normalcy and regular activity keeps your body (and immune system) functioning at a stronger level.Here are some creative and simple things you can do to stay fit during a lockdown:

No Equipment Exercises  

There are a variety of body-weight exercises (also called callisthenics) that require nothing more than a few square feet of floor space and your own body. These exercises can be as simple as crunches, squats and push-ups or if you wish to get serious you can try tougher variations on these kinds of body-weight exercises.  The most important thing is to be consistent, it really doesn’t matter if you can only do a few crunches or squats, as long as you persist and don’t give up after a few days. These exercises help to strengthen your body and improve your blood flow, both of which can contribute to healthier immunity.

Download A Home-Workout App

While there were already home-workout apps before Covid-19, the pandemic has seen a rise in the abundance of fitness at home apps. Download a few to try out, the simple fact of having a fixed and well-prepared routine every time you exercise does wonders for motivation.  One thing to be mindful of, many of these apps allow you to set the intensity of your workout routines (beginner vs pro). Be sure not to choose intensive activities when you start, you might end up causing damage and set back your progress. Allow yourself to gradually increase strength and you’ll have a much better time.

Walk In Place

Walking in one place may seem silly at first, and you might think it simply isn’t much of a workout. However, in-place walking is often prescribed to people with medical conditions that don’t allow them to go outside. It is a highly effective exercise, and while you’re mostly using your legs it helps to keep the rest of your body fit as well. In many parts of the world, lockdowns do not allow for external activities, so walking in place for 10-20 minutes each day is a great substitute. However, that brings us to our next topic...  

Go Outside For Some Cardio

If it is allowed by the authorities in your area, getting some fresh air and cardio exercise outside is another excellent way to keep yourself fit. You can do short jogs, runs, cycling or even short hikes and even get some sun while you’re at it.
It is important to wear your mask when you go outside, even for exercise, if there are people around you. Carry a bottle of water and don’t push your body too hard. One of the best parts of exercising outside (besides improving cardiovascular health) is the feeling of freedom of getting out of the house! For those with existing medical conditions, you should check with your doctor what exercises are allowed before you start anything moderately intensive like regular running.

Don’t Disregard Diet

We’re all tempted to do the least amount of work regarding food preparation, but a
healthy diet is equally important (if not more so) as getting regular physical activity. A healthy diet is needed not only to keep your energy and strength high so you’re ready to fight sickness but it is also essential to recover from all that daily exercise you’re going to be doing.
Try to stay away or reduce unhealthy foods and habits, and include as many varied
healthy foods into your diet as you can.

There you have it, a short and simple list of possible activities to keep you fit throughout the lockdown. Your body and mind will thank you, so give it a go and force yourself to stick to some kind of routine. For beginners and people with medical issues, seek external help before you start any new exercises and try not to exert your body too much.