5 Reasons Behind Unexpected Weight Loss


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The term "weight loss" is hugely popular, and what comes to our mind when hearing this term is an overweight person looking for a tip to reduce weight. However, here we will discuss the topic from a different perspective; i.e., a thin person becoming thinner, which is also a serious matter of concern. Unexplained weight loss or losing excess weight without trying is sure to send the alarm bells. Though most weight loss cases aren't a severe issue, it can, however, also be a telltale sign of a stressful lifestyle. It can indicate many things, so in such situations, it is always advisable to take in expert’s opinion.

Let's check out a few reasons for this sudden onset of unexplained weight loss-

Muscle loss

Muscle loss is also termed as muscle wasting, which can lead to unexpected weight loss. One of the primary symptoms of such condition is muscle weakness. In some cases, it can make one of your limbs looks smaller than the other one. This happens if people do not use their muscles properly or do not exercise regularly. These can be a result of working desk jobs or if the person is bedridden. Exercise and a proper nutritional diet can help in recovering from this situation.

Overactive Thyroid

An overactive thyroid is medically known as hyperthyroidism, and it develops when an individual's thyroid gland secretes an excess amount of the thyroid hormone. These hormones control various functions of the body, such as metabolism, etc.An overactive thyroid uses the calories of the body in very less time, thus resulting in weight loss. The treatment of hyperthyroidism is dependent on the age of the afflicted individual and the severity of the discussed medical condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Also known as RA, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, meaning, the immunity system of the body attacks the lining of the joints, which leads to chronic inflammation. This kind of inflammation can speed up the metabolism of the body, thereby reducing the overall weight of the body.The symptoms of this condition generally include pain and swelling in the joints. RA causes stiffness in the joints if the person does not move for an hour. Typical treatment to Rheumatoid Arthritis is medication. This medication involves anti-rheumatic drugs, biologics, and kinase inhibitors linked to Janus.


One of the primary reasons for unwanted weight loss is Diabetes- type 1. Individuals suffering from this can sense their immune system getting weak. The immune system attacks the existing cells in the pancreas, which is responsible for creating insulin. The absence of insulin leads to an inability to use glucose for energy, causing high blood glucose levels. The treatment for type 1 diabetes involves insulin injections, monitoring of blood sugar, modifications in the diet, and exercise.


Excessive weight loss can also be a side effect of depression. Depression, in layman terms, is the feeling of sadness and emptiness for the minimum period of two weeks. These emotions interfere with the daily activities of life, like going to a job or going to school/colleges, etc.  

Depression affects precisely that part of the brain that is responsible for controlling appetite. Thus, leading to poor appetite, which eventually causes excess weight loss.There are some conditions where depression also increases appetite. Therefore, the symptoms vary from individual to individual. Depression can be cured through behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, and anti-depression medication.


Cancer is a term used for diseases that lead to the speedy division and spreading of the abnormal cell of the body. The American Cancer Society states that the possible primary signs for cancer are an unexpected loss of weight, amounting to ten pounds or more.

This attribute is commonly seen in patients with cancers in the lungs, pancreas, oesophagus, and stomach.Cancer is responsible for increasing inflammation, promoting muscle wasting, and disrupting hormones responsible for appetite regulation. The treatment of cancer depends on the type of cancer. The necessary treatments for cancer include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunity therapy.

The causes above may lead to weight loss and can be quite dangerous if ignored. Therefore, sudden, unexplained weight loss should not be taken lightly, and should instead be treated with caution.

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