5 Tips To Win Your Battle Against Split Ends!

Dr. M Sudha

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If you are in the pursuit of growing long locks, one split end seems like the end of the world. Unfortunately, by the time you notice that one split end, you see another one. After putting in hours of efforts to get rid of your split ends, in just a few days, you notice that your split ends are coming back and this time, they are going for the kill.

Well, now that your battle against split ends is on, we want to ensure that you are all stacked up and for that, we have 5 tips that you need in order to win your battle against split ends.

Go easy with the hairbrush: Aggressive hair brushing could be the reason for your split ends. Quit the aggressive hair brushing and brush your hair as gently as possible. One way of knowing if you are combing your hair right is to pay attention to the brushing sound. If your brushing sound is silent or minimum, it means that you are doing your brushing right!

Keep your distance from styling tools: Styling tools make it look like they have your best interests in mind whereas, in reality, they are allies with split ends. Using styling products like a blow dryer, curling iron, hair straightener, etc. reduces the natural moisture in the hair causing severe hair trauma which can, in turn, lead to split ends. That being said, restrict your use of styling tools as much as possible and let of winds of nature work their magic on your hair.

Oil is the shield that your hair needs: Oiling your hair once or twice every week helps retain the moisture of the hair and lubricates the hair shaft which reduces the occurence of split ends. In addition to that, it is ideal to oil the hair before washing them as it reduces the damage caused to the hair.

Detangle your hair gently: Knots in the hair are inevitable and it is best to treat them gently. Resist the urge to pull out a knot in your hair as it can lead to the weakening of the hair strands. Instead, use a flat brush or wide-toothed comb to work through your hair. Start working from the tips of your hair and your hair will thank you for your patience and hard work!\

The scissor is your most precious weapon: Trimming your hair regularly promotes healthy hair growth by removing split ends along the length/layers which helps maintain the fullness and adds shine. A hair trim every 3 to 4 weeks will help maintain the quality and strength of the hair.

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Dr. M Sudha

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