5 Simple Tips To Make Your Relationship Last


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You must’ve often heard people say that love is a very powerful feeling but have you ever wondered what makes love so powerful? Let us tell you; the power of love comes from the efforts of the two people who share the bond of love. It is a direct relation. The more efforts you put into love, the stronger your love will get.

However, many a time, things go wrong, love falls short and relationships encounter a roadblock. Listed below are some simple yet important things that will help you get past that roadblock and make your relationship last through the barriers of time.

Build a friendship: A relationship is like climbing a mountain. Initially, because you are very eager and excited to climb the mountain, you give it your all and are mentally and physically prepared to battle anything that comes in the way but as the climb gets harder, things get difficult and at one point giving up seems like the best thing to do. On the other hand, being friends with your partner doesn’t make the climb any easier but it helps you laugh, smile, fool around and push each other along the way making the climb more interesting and fun. Being able to switch between a best friend and a partner based on the circumstances is the best thing a lover can possibly find.

Immortalize moments that matter: Say, you are absolutely amazed by the purple saree that your girlfriend wore on her traditional day at work. Complimenting her verbally will surely make her feel appreciated but you can take things one step forward by getting a bouquet of roses with a note that explains how beautiful she looks. This will not only make her feel appreciated but will also make her appreciate you as a lover. Remember, mutual appreciation goes a long way in love!

Identify contextual behaviour: Let us give you a very small example. If you know that your girlfriend is on her periods, you naturally tend to prepare yourself for all her mood swings and food cravings. In short, you identify the context behind her behaviour and act accordingly. Applying this trait of identifying contextual behaviour for all the bigger fights and arguments in your relationship will help eliminate most of them without things getting out of hand. Identifying contextual behaviour should always be mutual to make a relationship last.

Listen: We agree that this particular tip almost makes it on every article that speaks about love and relationships but that’s only because this tip is of utmost importance in a relationship. Listening to you partner not only gives you an understanding of what she is trying to say but it will also help you get subte insights into the things that actually matter to her. Listening is key in understanding your partner and understanding your partner is key in making the relationship last.

Work on yourself: Two happy individuals make a happy couple. No matter if you are living with your partner or trying to make a long distance relationship work, it is very important to increase your productivity and credibility while simultaneously working on your relationship. Only when you are happy with the person you are shaping up to be, will you be able to keep your partner happy. Lack of self growth bring anger, frustration, irritation and stress which will slowly make their way into your relationship leaving it in ruins.

There you go! Five simple ways to keep your partner happy and make your relationship last!

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