5 Lifestyle Measures To Control Diabetes


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Diabetes check should be mandatory in India because the current scenario of diabetic cases in India doesn’t look good. According to WHO, 8.7% of the diabetic population are adults between 20-70 years age bracket.

Diabetes is a chronic disease which arises due to either of the following reasons:

  • The pancreas cannot produce enough insulin
  • The body cannot effectively utilise the insulin produced in the body

The first case is that of childhood-onset diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes. Also known as Type 1 diabetes, It is characterised by a lack of insulin production.

The second, Type 2 diabetes, often results from obesity, excess bodyweight and physical inactivity. This infographic stress on the latter.

Read on to find out the gravity of the situation, associated complications, ways to check diabetes, and how it can be managed.

diabetes check

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