5 Hacks To Fall Asleep Within Minutes!


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You have tried them all- staring at the ceiling, turning left to right, turning right to left, checking Facebook and Instagram for updates, one leg out of the blanket, blanket on your face, et cetera but you know that nothing works. You silently scream for help and then after hours of tossing and turning, you finally fall asleep. What was supposed to be an  8 hour slumber turns out to be a 3-hour power nap.

We have all been there and we know how much of a pain it is. That is why we are here with 5 hacks for you to fall asleep faster and ensure that if you are aiming for 8 hours of sleep, that's what you will actually get!

The 4-7-8 method: Believe it or not, these numbers will actually help you fall asleep. This is a breathing pattern and it goes something like this-  breathe through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds. This sleeping trick takes less than a minute. Keep repeating the  4-7-8 method and before you know it, you will be… zzzz!!

Count sheep: This one is a classic because it always works! While lying on your bed, ensure that you are in a comfortable position and start counting. The key is count really slowly while picturing the sheep. This is how you need to count- one sheep.. two sheep.. three sheep and so on. Count till 100 sheep and if you find that you are still awake, start counting backwards. Our bet is that you fall asleep before you reach 50!

Think about your day: You might question this by saying “How will thinking put me to sleep?” Well, this trick works because it does not stress the mind as you are only recollecting the things that have already happened throughout your day. Focus on the positives and try and think of every little detail. Five minutes in and your thoughts will slowly teleport you to La La Land!

Read something boring: Reading a book stimulates sleep as it takes your eyes away from the harsh lights emitted by mobiles and computer screens. Just like the way you dozed off while reading your school textbooks, pick up something that does not interest you particularly. Keep reading slowly and steadily while allowing your mind to slowly drift to the Land of Nod.

Take a hot shower: When numbers, sheep, thoughts and words fail, a hot shower always comes to the rescue! This is basically because taking a hot shower reduces your body temperature which, in turn, makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. You might also want to put on warm socks on your feet as a study published in the International Science Journal ‘Nature’ found that keeping your feet warm makes you fall asleep more quickly.

There you go! 5 simple hacks which will help you fall asleep in a jiffy! No more tossing and turning in bed.. just wonderful, wonderful sleep!

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