5 habits to lose for a naturally glowing skin


Was one of your new-year resolutions to look stunning? We are here to help you achieve that resolution, for a happy and healthy year ahead.
Beautiful skin, isn’t the result of lotions & fairness creams. It’s more to do with few good habits like apt diet and regular exercise.
There are many sources around, that will tell you the do’s for a beautiful skin. Today we are here to discuss those five most important don'ts that you must follow to complete your new-year resolution of beautiful skin.

Here are five habits you must change in 2018 in order to have brighter, better and healthier skin -

Make-up clogs the pores on your skin. Just like your body, your skin also needs to breathe through these pores. Let it have a healthy oxygen circulation during nights. Give your skin some refreshing time; remove makeup before going to bed.

Exercise gives you multiple advantages. Help to release stress and improves blood circulation in the skin causing a healthy glow on your face. It also cleans the toxins from your body, which are expelled during perspiration, and cleans the dead skin.

Too much of sugar intake can hurt collagen snuggled in your skin. It can cause a skin sag. Try eating fruits like mango or pineapple instead of sweets.
Salt contains sodium, and excess sodium will suck out moisture from your skin, causing it to age faster than normal. Avoid salty treats.
A balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables will provide all the nutrients and the moisture to your skin. So … If you really want to have a glowing skin watch your diet.

Hydration is very very important for a healthy and glowing skin. It keeps your skin moisturised and glowing. Also, help to fight off ageing. Less water intake will result in rough and ‘shrunken’ skin.

NOT ENOUGH SLEEP: For a healthy living, minimum eight hours of sleep is necessary. It is applicable to your skin as well. During sleep hours, your skin will replenish and rehydrate itself giving you that refreshing look. Less sleep can result in clogged pores and dull skin.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are the three important factors in skin care.
Cleansing and Toning is external. If you use harsh products, skin dryness will increase. Use soft liquid cleansers and toners.
Moisturising is both external as well as internal. Good amount of liquid intake and balanced diet will provide moisturising from inside the skin and best quality moisturisers will help externally.

Apart from this, you must protect your skin from tanning, by using good sunscreen lotion. If you love swimming, make sure you get-read of all the chlorine, in your after-swim bath. Chlorine can also damage your skin.

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