6 Effective Ways To Treat Thinning Hair


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Both men and women always long for long, thick and shiny hair but as the laws of nature have it not everyone is born with it. Similarly, as the laws of time have it, some people are born with long, shiny and thick hair but due to some or the other circumstances, they eventually become a victim of thin and unhealthy hair.

To put it mathematically, the average adult human head has approximately 1.5 lakhs strands of hair and every day, it loses around 50-100 strands of hair. Now, losing 50-100 strands of hair daily might sound like a lot but our hair regrows at an equal or faster speed which makes up for the hair loss. Only when the balance between the two is disturbed is when hair thinning takes place.

This article will talk about six easy yet effective ways to stop hair thinning and if you’ve lately found yourself craving for thick hair, keep reading.

Check your protein and vitamin levels: Believe it or not, what you feed your body reflects on your hair. Your hair is a sucker for high levels of proteins and vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Therefore, if you’ve not been feeding your body well, now’s the right time to up your protein and vitamin intake.

Note: It is recommended that you consult a trichologist in order to be certain about whether or not your hair thinning is the outcome of a protein or vitamin deficiency.

Reduce your stress levels: Stress can take a very heavy toll on your body, mind and yes, your hair. By indulging in activities like yoga and physical exercise to reduce stress, you are encouraging good physical health, better blood circulation and overall growth. Let’s just put it this way, there is a huge possibility that the way you feel inside shows on the quality of your hair.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner: Different hair types require different types of shampoos and conditioners and using the wrong ones can mess up your hair big time. Therefore, before purchasing a shampoo and conditioner, ensure that you’re informed about what hair type it’s meant for. A trichologist can best help you to choose the ideal shampoo and conditioner.

Shower with lukewarm/cold water: Taking a shower with hot water dries up the natural essential oils in your hair which in turn dehydrates your hair leaving it all dry and brittle. Instead, it is recommended that you take a shower with lukewarm/cold water as it helps retain the essential oils and moisture in the hair which results in long and thick locks.

Avoid tying a tight ponytail: The tighter your ponytail is, the higher is the strain level on your hair follicles. The same holds true for hair extensions and excessive blow drying. Therefore, it is ideal that you try and choose a loose hairstyle on most occasions to keep your hair from drying and eventually, thinning.

Check for underlying health conditions: Many a time, the reason for thin hair could be an underlying medical condition. That being said, if despite multiple efforts at treating thin hair, you tend to find yourself at a dead end, it is recommended that you check for underlying medical conditions and then act as recommended by your doctor.

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