5 Easy Tips To Prevent Diarrhoea


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Diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of death among children aged below five years. Every year, Diarrhoea kills approximately 525,000 children under five years of age. As a disease, diarrhoea can last for numerous days. Its usual symptoms include runny stool, vomiting, and inability to retain food in the stomach. It’s generally caused by different kinds of virus, bacteria, and parasitic infestation of the intestinal tract. Once you are afflicted with Diarrhoea, one of the main struggles is dehydration. Dehydration itself is the main reason why diarrhoea is so fatal. But instead of treating the disease, the best option is to always prevent the disease itself.

Here are some easy and useful everyday tips which can keep your household free of diarrhoea.

  1. Wash your hand diligently

Did you know that our hands are one of the biggest carriers of germs and bacteria? Our hands come into contact with a plethora of objects every day. Most of the time, these objects like doorknobs, seat handles on the bus, elevator buttons, etc. are never sterile.

In fact, they are laced with viruses and bacteria from the environment and other people around us. As a result, when we place our hands near our face without washing them first, we run the risk of infecting ourselves with a broad spectrum of foreign agents. That’s why doctors stress the importance of washing hands regularly and diligently throughout the day.

2. Water sanitation

Water is one of the primary carriers of germs and bacteria that cause diarrhoea. Drinking pure and hygienic water is one of the primary ways of keeping diarrhoea at bay. There are a few simple tips for checking and maintaining your water sanitation levels at home. If you have a water purifier, then have it serviced periodically to ensure that the purifier is working. It’s also necessary to periodically clean the overhead water reservoir if you have one. The same goes for the underground reservoir as well.

3. Avoid junk foods

Junk foods are not only unsafe and unhealthy but they are unhygienic as well. Their preparation is undertaken with water of poor quality. Additionally, hygiene is not really the number one priority when the vendors are preparing these foods. Also in India, most junk foods are sold on the roadside, which itself is unhygienic. Frozen foods too are high risk since there are preservatives added to these in high quantities. These preservatives affect the digestive ability and could also result in weakening of the body internally.

4. Drink plenty of water

There’s a reason water is considered as a lifeline. It works in different ways to help cleanse the system, cool your internal organs and rejuvenate your body. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. It helps in eradicating chemicals and harmful micro-organisms from the body. Also if you have contracted diarrhoea already then ensure that you keep drinking water periodically in small amounts to keep hydrated.

5. Breastfeeding newborns

Breastfeeding newborns is a very significant aspect of arming your children with the required immunity. Despite the emphasis laid by doctors, parents tend to prefer formula over natural milk. But ensuring that your child breastfeeds will help them gain immunity against many foreign microorganisms and also prevent malnutrition.


These are some of the simple everyday steps that we can take to protect our households from diarrhoea. Most of these are daily practices which though basic, work well in preventing viral and bacterial infections. Keep in mind that these are preventive steps only. In case you do contract diarrhoea, the best case scenario is to contact a doctor and seek medication. Book an appointment with a doctor online right now!

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