4 Endurance Training Exercises to Keep You Going


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 Best way to boost stamina

Surely, you must’ve gasped for air after a brief trip to the grocery store or a quick run up the staircase sometime in the past. Your stamina, or endurance as most people call it, is at an all-time low if your muscles cramp up and you’re breathless after a burst of physical activity.Stamina defines your ability to engage in a physical activity. Your vital organs like heart and lungs, together with the muscular system feed on stamina to help you keep going. You can boost your stamina like any other physical attribute with exercise. Here are 4 endurance exercises to fuel you for any physical activity all day long.

The Absolute Aerobic Program

Simple aerobic exercises like running, jogging, and cycling build endurance. You might love lifting iron or engaging in free-hand exercises, but make it a point to partake in an aerobic exercise of your choice for at least 30 minutes before you get into anything else.Your choice of aerobic exercise matters a lot because you’ll be consistent and also enjoy doing it. Integrate aerobic exercises into your workout schedule for at least 3 days a week, but you can go as high as five. And since endurance is the objective, try to increase time intervals for every aerobic session by five to ten minutes every week. Alternatively, you can increase the intensity or achieve your targets in less time. Keep burnouts and injuries in mind for every aerobic challenge you take on. You can keep building your endurance and stay injury-free by alternating between low and high-impact exercises like swimming and jogging.

Torch Calories and Boost Your Stamina with HIIT

HIIT or High-intensity interval training is popular nowadays. Not only does it boost your stamina but also burns fat. As the name suggests the intensity at which the exercises are performed is high with rests in between or at the very end. Health experts and researchers also say that high-intensity bouts for cardio and strength have the same or even greater effects than traditional slow-paced methods like jogging and weightlifting. There are various HIIT methods, but the Wingate and Tabata protocols are the most effective and proven. In the case of the former, the objective is to increase anaerobic power and capacity. Take on an exercise (sprints, push-ups, burpees) for 30 seconds followed by a 4-minute interval for rest. Repeat the same for at least 5-6 times for maximum benefit to endurance and strength.

Hop, Skip, and Jump with Plyometric Training Exercises

Plyometrics or plyos has been around for a while but has recently picked up the pace as a popular, daily jump training routine for both kids and adults. It was initially introduced and made famous by Soviet Olympians in 1979. Any exercise that involves hopping, skipping, and jumping is considered as a plyo. Every rep conditions the body by rapidly extending and contracting the muscles. Some of the best plyometric exercises you can try out include the likes of lateral jumps, power skipping, squat jumps, track jumps, side jumps, and lunge jumps.

Weight Training Exercises: The Lift You Need

You can’t leave weight training exercise out of your fitness routine because it tones your muscles, cuts fat, boosts strength, and also increases endurance. It essentially strengthens the muscular and skeletal system by employing weight as the primary load bearing down with gravity, against the muscle contractions.The weight can be in the form of dumbbells, weighted bars, or plates that target specific muscle groups. But be wary of exhaustion and injuries when you train with weights. Start with lighter weights and nail the form right from the get-go. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Book your Health Check Now' link='https://portal.medibuddy.in/Home.aspx?utm_source=blog_cta_ahc_gami&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=blog_cta_ahcgami' link_target='' color='blue' custom_bg='#f00' custom_font='#ffffff' size='large' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello']Although you’ve gone through these tips and plenty more on the internet, there will definitely be more pointers  you can take away from a doctor presiding over your
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