10 Natural Tips To Control Migraine


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According to the Migraine research foundation, Migraine is the 6th most disabling illness in the world. Most people dread the thought of getting a migraine headache. Different from a normal headache, it can be extremely severe and can last from 4 to 72 hours at a stretch. Migraine headaches are accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and even sensitivity to sound and light.

Read on with us to know 10 natural tips to bring your migraine pain under control.

Avoid Spicy Food

Salty, fried foods like cheese and processed foods are a common cause of migraine attacks. If you have been having pain regularly you would be able to identify the possible causes for the same. Once you get to know that spicy food like hot dogs, pickles, alcohol, sausages, etc. are your trigger it is better to avoid consuming them.

Lavender Oil

If you apply drops of lavender oil on your temple within 15 minutes of having an attack you are sure to get immediate relief. You can either inhale the oil directly or apply its diluted version to your pain points to get respite.


Butterbur and Feverfew are herbs which can indirectly contribute to relieving severe and throbbing migraine pain. Feverfew looks like a daisy and is more or less like a folk remedy. However, the usage of these herbs is not proven and its efficacy in the same context remains doubtful.


This is a technique which indirectly teaches you how to manage stress and tension. Once these factors come under control it is easy for you to keep the pain from attacking you again. However, this technique is useful only if stress is a trigger for your pain.

Supplements Of Vitamin B12

Supplements of Vitamin B12 or Riboflavin, magnesium, and Coenzyme Q10 can be consumed but only after a discussion with your health practitioner. Actually, if the magnesium levels are low it is possible that migraine attacks become frequent. Thus, its supplement helps keep the problem away.


Yoga and other techniques like meditation and progressive muscle relaxation can be a blessing in disguise too. Though researchers feel that Yoga cannot be a sure shot treatment, we can consider it as a complementary treatment as it works on reducing stress.


Ginger consumption in any form can reduce migraine pain too. Researches conducted have shown that Ginger decreased the severity and duration of the attack and that too without any major side effects.

Peppermint Oil

The menthol which is an integral part of Peppermint Oil has a calming effect. In fact, it works on migraine induced pain, sensitivity to light, and even nausea. Just applying a few drops to the forehead and temple region can be effective.


Acupressure is a technique where certain pain points are targeted, and by applying pressure the pain is reduced. Not only that, but the technique is also useful for other types of headaches and migraine induced nausea.


A simple massage on the shoulders and areas around it is not only one of the easiest treatments, but it is also pretty effective too. For best results a professional massage may do the trick, but if that is not possible use a tennis ball to do so on your own.


Migraine attacks are severe and there is no sure shot way to prevent them. The only respite is that you try to avoid the items which are the possible triggers in your case. However, even after the precautions if your migraine attacks do not stop you should consult a neurologist for advice. Migraine as an ailment can really impact your daily life and you should immediately get treatment to ensure that it is not able to harm you much. Therefore consult a doctor online, today!

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